Junior High youth meet twice a month.

v So what IS Junior High Youth Night you ask?

·        It’s a chance for 7th-8th graders to get together.

·        We have fun, food, and get to know each other better.

·        It’s a time where you can bring friends out for a fun evening of activities.

v What do we do?

·        We start with food and conversation.

·        We do all different kinds of activities LIKE:

o   Scavenger Hunts

o   Watch football games

o   Play games

o   Use the St. John’s Gym

o   Go places like: Apple Orchards, Grand Slam, Corn Maze and more

Here is the upcoming fall schedule-

Youth Nights-

·       Wednesdays @ 8:00pm- Sept. 19th, Oct. 24th, Nov. 7th, and Dec. 5th.

·       Sundays @ 7:00pm- Sept. 30th, Oct. 14th,     Nov. 18th, and Dec. 16th.

BIG Events-

·    Sunday, October 13th- Grandslam in Burnsville.

·    Saturday, November 3rd- Day of Service

·    Christmas Break- Lock-In ·       

~Josh Hoffman, Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Contact ME!: (Cell Phone- 715-891-2743, Email- dcejoshsjc@gmail.com                                                      

Junior High Youth also participate in a number of different activities:

  1. Junior High Lock-In- once a year

  2. Servant Events- helping out at Relay for Life, serving Lenten dinners, helping w/ babysitting nights

  3. Fun Activities- Twins game, Valleyfair Day, Fall Themed Activity